Refer a friend to our classes, and if they pay for a series of 5 or 10 classes, your next class will be on us.



From September 9th our mat classes, instead of having levels, will be either Foundation, Precision, or Flow. This is to help you choose the class that matches your goals for doing Pilates, whether you want to work on the basics, or refine your movement, or to have a workout.

Foundation classes are essential for beginners

Class levels and timings are shown on our Mat Classes page.



We are holding the price of the Studio Induction package at £170 for the rest of 2017.

This consisits of an initial Private class, and 3 Induction classes (all one-to-one), and qualifies you to join any of the Studio classe on our timetable (subject to availability).



Discount on your self-practice!


We're delighted to share a fantastic website with you: WWW.YOOPOD.COM

The site is a terrific Pilates resource that features more than a hundred classes, of varying duration, that you can stream to wherever you may be - ideal if you can't get to a class as often as you would like, or simply want to supplement the classes you are doing. (And you may see some familiar faces in some of the classes...)

Visit the site for full details and, to receive a discount on a subscription, enter the code: ANUB15