Welcome to the Pilates in Motion Studio

Our spacious and well-equipped studio is located in Ealing's Pitshanger Lane district, with a team of teachers dedicated to offering Pilates to everyone. It doesn't matter if you are fifteen or ninety years of age, Pilates will help you to recognize and tap into your physical capacity – your strength and flexibility. In doing this we believe that you may discover you are capable of more than you imagined.

Our mission is to empower everyone who walks through our door. We believe that movement is nourishment for our whole body. Pilates in Motion Studio teachers are committed to inspiring and motivating you to be a better occupant of your body. 

How to get started

Find out about getting started at Pilates in Motion and read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) then email us to book in your first class.

Pilates Matwork

The goal of any of our mat classes is to teach you the 34 traditional Pilates mat exercises. Whether you are a complete beginner, or whether you have previous experience, our teachers will help you to find your own movement potential.

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Studio / Apparatus Classes

The accessability of mat classes has led to the idea that you start with the mat and that you progress to the apparatus. This was not Joseph Pilates' intention. He developed apparatus to facilitate greater awareness of how your body moves, and this awareness will empower you to move with ease and grace (and better able to do the mat exercises as your 'homework').

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Pilates Teacher Training

The Pilates in Motion Teacher Training Course provides a unique teacher training programme, teaching the classical and evolved approaches to Pilates in a thorough, intensive format.

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